Friday, November 23, 2018

How to Enable NVIDIA GeForce In-Game Overlay on any NVIDIA Graphic Cards

What is NVIDIA In-Game Overlay?

NVIDIA In-Game Overlay is a feature that comes with NVIDIA GeForce Experience application. This feature provides such as ShadowPlay (NVIDIA Screen Recorder with lossless FPS), FPS Counter overlay, live broadcast services (with the camera, viewers, and comments overlay).
Sadly, this feature only available for GeForce GTX Desktop GPU 600 series or higher and GeForce GTX Notebook 660M or higher. Even if your NVIDIA Graphic card has a better performance than i.e GTX Notebook 660M, you can't enable this feature. But don't worry, you still able to use this feature but you might unable to use screen-recorder or live broadcast features on NVIDIA In-Game overlay.

So, How to Enable In-Game Overlay for all NVIDIA Graphic Cards?

Here's how to activate In-Game Overlay for all NVIDIA Graphic Cards:

First, make sure you have installed NVIDIA GeForce Experience, otherwise you can't follow the next step.
Next, open NVIDIA GeForce Install location/directory. i.e (C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA GeForce Experience)
Next, right-click the file called "NVIDIA Share.exe", choose "Send to" then pick "Desktop (create shortcut)"
Next, go back to your desktop screen and right-click NVIDIA Share.exe shortcut then choose "properties" 
Next, on the target, add code " -shadowplay" (all lowercase) in your target directory.
Next, Click Apply and OK
Next, Open the NVIDIA Share.exe shortcut in your desktop which was modified with -shadowplay code

After you open the shortcut, you won't be notified anywhere, to open NVIDIA In-Game overlay, press

Now you can activate such as FPS Counter and more
here's example of FPS Counter on

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