Saturday, November 10, 2018

How to Update BIOS in Acer

What is BIOS?

BIOS itself stands for Basic Input/Output System. The BIOS firmware comes pre-installed with the system-board or motherboard, it's the first software to run when you switch your PC/Laptop on.
BIOS itself is a middle-man of hardware and software, which is used kernel. As the hardware is keep growing up upon times, the kernel nor the BIOS need to be updated to interact with the hardware.

How to update BIOS in Acer?

Before you update your BIOS, check what is your current BIOS version, and check your Acer product model.

Finding out your Product Model and BIOS version through Windows

  1. Press "Windows Logo+ R" or Start
  2. Type "dxdiag" and enter without quotation marks.
  3. Check for "System Model" and "BIOS" in System tab
Here it is, my System Model is "Swift SF314-54G" and my BIOS version is "V1.09".
With the information you got, now open up this site on your browser: Acer Support

  1. Pick your country and language
  2. Now scroll down into "Select your device" section 
  3. Select your device category
  4. Select your device series
  5. Select your device model based on the information you got.
  6. Click on the BIOS/Firmware click dropdown
  7. Check the version, make sure you don't go to the old build, check it on the information you got before.
  8. Click download it
  9. After you downloaded the file, extract it.
  10. If you use a laptop, connect to your AC Adapter (Power)
  11. Now open the .exe file. Before opening, save all your work such as words, notepad, script etc. because of this process will reboot your PC immediately.
  12. Wait for the BIOS to update, this is a quick process, but don't turn off your device during the update. Just leave it, it will eventually boot back to Windows automatically.
  13. After you boot back to Windows, it's good for you to take a look on the BIOS, because some of the settings are set to default
There you go, you have updated your BIOS to the newer version.
Sorry if my English is so broken, it's not my native language, I'm so sorry if it affects you.